Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cousin Toby

This is our cousin, Toby. Bonnie is his Mom. He lived with us when he was little, until he became a world traveler and moved to Germany for a while. Now he lives in his own house near us with his mom and dad and Brandon, and his furry brother Montagno.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Here is Tocchet. I have had him since the day he was born, March 17, 1992. Cheyenne was his Momma, and she was pregnant when I got her. She had 4 kittens and sadly, 3 died. I just had to keep him. He is a big, sweet ball of fur. He is also called the bionic kitty because of a steel plate in his leg from a broken leg when he was little.

The rest of the 4 legged family

This is Ariel. She will be 2 in December. My daughter Cassie adopted her to keep Jasmine company in Gainesville. Jasmine did not like her, so Cassie adopted Baby Boy to keep Ariel company. When Cassie was going on vacation, we kitty-sat for Ariel, and she decided to stay [Cassie said it was OK]. Ariel and Lemieux are perfect playmates - same age and size. Ariel is the good girl - never an ounce of trouble. Every everning she gets her 'Mommy time'. She jumps up on my lap to watch tv and keep me sitting still.
Here we are, Lemieux and Me, in our backyard jungle.
Yes, her name is pronounced La-mew. It means 'the best'. I adopted her from an organization at our local Petsmart. I have volunteered with them ever since, because I know I can never completely repay them for her.

She is the softest cat I have ever touched, different completely than any other, like running your hand across a piec of satin.